Dynamic Karate FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I try out the Karate class first? Yes, before committing, you are welcome to join us for 1 class to help you decide if our program will meet your expectations. Because of this, no refunds will be given for any unused portion of a session. This does not apply to Women’s Self Defense which requires payment at the first class. 
  2. Can I join part way through a session? Yes, students are welcome to join part way through a session and costs will be prorated accordingly. This does not apply to Women’s Self Defense as it is a short class. 
  3. What do I wear to the first class? You may wear sweats and a t-shirt to the first few classes. Equipment and uniforms can be purchased later as required. See our Equipment section for more information. 
  4. Is the class broken up into belt-levels?If there is enough interest and participation, the class will be broken up into different belt ranks. The instructors do their best to ensure each student is challenged at their level. 
  5. My whole family would like to join. Is there a discount? Yes, there is a family maximum rate. Please see our Class Info section. 
  6. What nights are the classes held and where? Please see our Class Info section. 
  7. What is the minimum age? The minimum age to start is 6 years old.

Tuscany Karate Calgary NW - Dynamic Karate - Locations

Twelve Mile Coulee School - Monday Night

65 Tuscany Hills Road NW, Calgary, Alberta T3L 2A2, Canada

(403) 208-5662 info@dynamickarate.ca

Eric Harvey School - Wednesday Night

357 Tuscany Drive NW, Calgary, Alberta T3L, Canada

(403) 208-5662 info@dynamickarate.ca

Turner Valley - Thursday Night

114 Royal Avenue NW, Turner Valley, Alberta, Canada